Tourist info

Safe on vacation


 What if an traffic accident occurs?

  • in case of a traffic accident, call the police telephone numbers 192 or 112 as soon as possible
  • if you find yourself in a traffic accident where there are injured people, besides calling the police, immediately call the city ambulance for medical attention using the phone numbers 194 or 112, and in the event of a fire, call the fire department at 193 or 112
  • if you find yourself in a traffic accident where there is only material damage, remove the vehicles from the road to allow the smooth flow of traffic
  • for technical roadside assistance, call the number 1987
  • in case of any emergency, call the phone number 112

What if I lose my identity papers?

  • such an unfortunate event should be reported to the nearest police station, and after returning to your home country or place of residence, initiate the procedure for issuing a new document with the confirmation letter provided


How to outsmart unwanted visitors?

  • store your valuables within a safe at the place of your accommodation, and if there is no safe, do not leave them visible in the open and do not keep them all together in one place
  • documents and credit cards should be kept separate from cash and other valuables
  • before leaving your room, make sure all the doors and windows are locked


Think ahead – enjoy your outing!

  • when going out, do not carry a large amount of money with you
  • do not put your documents and money in the same pocket
  • when in nightclubs, pay attention to the prices on the menu and the total amount of money to be paid; once you order, pay the full amount immediately
  • exchange money in banks, post offices, or other financial institutions; any difference in the exchange rate at illegal bureau de change is almost insignificant and it is not worth the risk
  • do not wear your mobile phone on a string around your neck, it is safer in your pocket
  • keep your wallet in your front pocket and hold your purse from the front
  • pay bills in smaller denominations, with which you can equip yourself before going out
  • if in open spaces such as parks, and sports and recreation centres, or at events which include exhibitions, concerts, and other manifestations out in the open, do not leave valuables such as mobile phones, tablets, photo and video cameras unattended


How to protect yourself against a break-in into your car?

  • park your car in a guarded parking lot
  • do not leave any valuables in plain sight within the parked vehicle - take them with you or store them in a luggage compartment, glove box or under a seat
  • if your vehicle is not fitted with an alarm and/or other anti-theft system, park it in a visible, busy and well-lit area


Driving – slow down, you are on vacation!

  • do not drink and drive, it is dangerous and punishable
  • while driving, the driver may use a mobile phone only with a hands-free device
  • while driving in the summer, it is recommended to use short or daytime running head lights; this is compulsory during winter
  • all passengers including the driver must wear seat belts; this is obligatory
  • when riding a motorcycle or moped bike, it is legally paramount that the driver and passenger wear a helmet, if riding a normal bike, wearing a helmet is mandatory for all those under the age of 16, whilst it is also recommended for those older too